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Next Victim


+Name: Nicole LeAnn
+Age: 14
+Sex: Chick (i love using stereotypes)
+Status: Scoping out the options (codename single)
+Location: Upstate New York in a little place called Watertown


+3 Favorite Movies: Airheads, Elephant, Dude Wheres My Car?
+2 Favorite Books: Go Ask Alice, Sybill
+8 Favorite Bands/Musicians: The Streets, Hawthorne Heights, Squad Five-O, The Starting Line, Jack Off Jill, Breaking Benjamin, Radiohead, Coheed & Cambria, && many more...
+Favorite Color: Black and red (sorry could pick just one)
+2 Favorite Smells: Vanilla, Outside while its raining
+3 Favorite Stores: Zumiez, Borders, Wal-Mart
+Favorite person and why: my father. he haas come from nothing to a business amn and has a majorrep in his world, he does all he can to support his family despite his tragic past. i love him to death.
+Favorite song: ohio is for lovers-hawthorne heights
+Favorite Food: fried ice cream ( everything is better fried )

First word that comes to mind
+green: cow
+moose: bullwinkle
+fat: sumo wrestlers
+water: bras
+rubber: duckie
+hello: beautiful


+Make us laugh(picture, joke or story): i liek to fall up the stairs, i dont know how funny that is but i do and i think its funny
+why are you heartx_c0re?: my eart is broken by one guy. we have ended but still finds so many ways to hurt me. especially with our on and off friendship. he knows me better than anyone but chooses not to notice me
+what do you think of the mod(s)?: I think that the mods are all beautiful people and they have to be the coolest people on the internet!
+promote in your journal and 1 community and show the links(we check):
+post atleast 4 clear pictures of yourself:
Image hosted by Photobucket.comme when i dyed my hair and i was teasing my little brother

Image hosted by me. with a hat.

Image hosted by a close up.

Image hosted by the cliche hair in face pose

Image hosted by upset about something...couldnt tell you what though...

Image hosted by doing mah hair.

sorry for so many pictures just wanted to make sure i had enough (ok ok i know it says 4 but i LOVE myself ok?)
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