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next victim


+Name: Kelly
+Age: 19
+Sex: Female
+Status: Single
+Location: tar pond wasteland. otherwise known as Sydney, Nova Scotia


+3 Favorite Movies: Garden State, Jetsons: The Movie, Almost Famous
+2 Favorite Books: The Guardian and Nights In Rodanthe
+8 Favorite Bands/Musicians: Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance, Coheed And Cambria, The Postal Service, The Faint, Bright Eyes, The Bled and The Weakerthans
+Favorite Color: blue
+2 Favorite Smells: boy smell, passion fruit stuff from The Body Shop
+3 Favorite Stores: The Body Shop, Music World, Freak Lunchbox
+Favorite person and why: My Uncle. He's always been one of the nicest people to me ever since I was little and just lately, well within the past 3 or so years he's overcome a horrible round of cancer and many surgeries and horrible things like that. I admire him very much for that because I know if it was me in his position I probably would have gave up long ago, but he never once had any talk of giving up.
+Favorite song: Jimmy Eat World - Claire
+Favorite Food: anything chicken haha

First word that comes to mind

+green: Kermit
+moose: daley road
+fat: butter
+water: summer
+rubber: bandshell
+hello: kitty


+Make us laugh(picture, joke or story): i can't tell my favorite joke because it involves hand actions so i'll tell a story. One night me and a bunch of friends were drinking out my friends barn for his birthday and at around 11pm or so we're all pretty tanked and one of the guys was leaning against the door and someone was opening it from the outside to come in and he was so loaded he couldn't catch his balance and rolled er into the mud.
+why are you heartx_c0re? incurable hopeless romantic. i guess just like everyone else out there. i've been best described as an "emotion cry bucket". i spent the past year trying to get over my ex boyfriend with no progress until just lately
+what do you think of the mod(s)?: well i don't know what to say since i don't know them but they're all pretty, and look like really decent people so thats a good thing
+promote in your journal and 1 community and show the links(we check):
+post atleast 4 clear pictures of yourself:

I don't really have much to choose from until I get my other computer back so I hope these will do:

Image hosted by
i didn't realize until now that these pics are almost the exact same :S
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

This is on New Years and I was rather drunk (sorry its so big)
Image hosted by
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