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app <3


+Name: Krystel
+Age: 14
+Sex: girrrrl
+Status: single
+Location: long island, NY


+3 Favorite Movies: nightmare before christmas// napoleon dynamite//thirteen
+2 Favorite Books: definte 'normal'//girls under pressure
+8 Favorite Bands/Musicians: underoath//silverstein//the blood brothers//bright eyes//brand new//straylight run//spital//action action
+Favorite Color: green
+2 Favorite Smells: lucky brand & sharpies
+3 Favorite Stores: zumiez, pacsun, vintage shops
+Favorite person and why: janelle; my best friend; we never got into a fight, we think so much alike, shes rad.
+Favorite song: i don't have one. but ambulence vs. ambulence is a pretty amazing song.
+Favorite Food: pizza

First word that comes to mind
+green: his eyes.
+moose: if you give a moose a muffin [best book.]
+fat: bastard?
+water: surfing
+rubber: band


+Make us laugh(picture, joke or story): too lazy to find a picture..sorry. but once i was in the mall and i went into the men's bathroom by accident and a guy laughed at me and i was like whats he laughing at? and then i was urinals. and he's like is there something you're not telling me? hah. not funny.
+why are you heartx_c0re? because this is a rad community with good topics...so i figured i'd join.
+what do you think of the mod(s)?: they're rad. i like them.

+promote in your journal and 1 community and show the links(we check):

i'm not officially part of any groups yet...but once i am, i will gladly promote you. <3

+post atleast 4 clear pictures of yourself:

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